Delivery Time: 15min


Instructions iUnlock iBoot Pro(old users from iUnlock Passcode Bypass supported):

1 - Download and install latest tool from Bypas_iOS -> iUnlock iBoot Pro(230mb) not more downloads hiddens

2 - Put your device on DFU(not on recovery) tool will autodetect and will make the process

3 - If ECID is not registered, place order and restart the app and start from step 2

4 - Tool will backup/restore ticktets auto, you must pay attention to the result messages, in case of any error retry again.

5 - After Backup, restore your device using iTunes/3utools/i4Tools(

6 - After restore device put your device on DFU again for the tool, it will activate your device auto, in case of any error retry again.


1 - Close all others apps on your Mac for avoid conflicts

2 - We suggest open i4Tools( together with the app for check all the process

3 - Any error inform to any reseller, we will upgrade fast

Tool (iUnlock Boot Pro - iPhone):