Delivery Time: 1-15min

Price: USD/USDT/BUSD 2.19

This service is used exclusively for the hardware-based iCloud unlocking method, for iPads.

Hardware-based methods require you to dismantle the device, extract a specific component, then modify it using specialist equipment. For this method, you need to extract the NAND Flash chip and reprogram it (e.g. using Navi Pro) with the data we generate (Serial, WiFi MAC and Bluetooth MAC).

Supported CPUs: A5 A5X A6X
Supported iPads: IPAD 2 IPAD 3 IPAD 4 IPAD MINI

To order, write "XXXXXXXXXXXX" (12 characters) as the input/serial. For bulk orders, use "XXXXXXXXXX01", "XXXXXXXXXX02", etc.